Vintage Postcards

My grandmother collects everything. So as far back as I can remember, I’ve collected everything too. Most of my collections are mini-collections of her things. Like this one. A couple years ago, while in her guest bedroom looking for old ballet photos, I came across several large albums. One had two postcards taped to the … Continue reading

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Playlist

Truman Capote’s birthday, a day I look forward to every year, falls one month from today, on September 30th. For the next month, I’ll periodically post photos, playlists, and book reviews related to his works. A friend of mine and I send playlists back and forth to one another. Some simply include songs we’re listening … Continue reading

A Writer Snacks

The New York Times published this graphic of the foods (and beverages) some well known writers have been known to snack on while working. Although I’m not familiar with all of the writers profiled, the Proust and Capote illustrations were so accurate, I spent several minutes laughing. One needs all of those drinks to simply … Continue reading

Snapshot: Los Angeles #2

Green Bay to Marina Del Rey Location: Burbank coffee shop Sex: Female Approximate age: 40 Judging from her worn tote bag, a screenwriter with limp blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. Apparel: light pink baseball cap; olive green, graphic t-shirt over a long-sleeved pink shirt in 99 degree weather; heavy, light blue, ripped, Mom … Continue reading

Snapshot: Los Angeles #1

Oh, Canada! Location: Highland Ave. near Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, Los Angeles Sex: Female Approximate age: 50 Spotted in Hollywood: Middle-aged woman with bleached blonde, closely cropped hair, sporting rhinestone-tastic, bedazzled, black headband and sunglasses.¬†Apparel: Black t-shirt and tight, capri-style, black adidas athletic pants with the word “Canada” plastered across her ample backside. The look … Continue reading

The Books That Changed My Life

My love of books is no secret. I inhabit a room overflowing with them. Piles spill out from my shelves, covering the floor, desk, and chair. A room in our guest house hosts hundreds more. I have always been a reader; at least, ever since Ruby the Copycat at the age of two. Since then, … Continue reading

One Year, Three Cities

Welcome to Adventures in Crazytown, a platform for me to post book reviews, short essays, writing, travel photos, and the stories that come along with living in three cities in one year. Los Angeles (August- Mid-September; December) Los Angeles and I share an extraordinary love-hate relationship, like many share with their hometown. As if Los … Continue reading