One Year, Three Cities

Welcome to Adventures in Crazytown, a platform for me to post book reviews, short essays, writing, travel photos, and the stories that come along with living in three cities in one year.

Los Angeles (August- Mid-September; December)

Los Angeles and I share an extraordinary love-hate relationship, like many share with their hometown. As if Los Angeles itself doesn’t provide enough material, my two eighty-six-year-olds grandmothers live in houses next door to mine, meaning that my family has a constant stream of visiting extended family, telephone calls, and misunderstandings in which hearing aids are often the culprits.

Washington D.C. (Mid-September- December)

Fall quarter of my junior year will be spent quasi-“abroad.” Beginning in September, I’m attending a program in Washington D.C., where I’ll intern full time at a political magazine and take classes in the evenings. So far, I look forward to coffee and pastries at Open City, browsing books at Kramer’s, and people watching in Dupont Circle.

Paris (January-June)

Number 2 on my bucket list reads “live in Paris,” and now seems like the perfect time. In addition to taking classes in French literature, I plan to spend my time walking along the Seine, tiptoeing around museums, eating lots of buttery croissants, and gallivanting around Europe on weekends. Ample amounts of brie cheese, baguette, Proust, stripes, cigarette pants, and Baudelaire will be featured– so stay tuned.

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