Snapshot: Los Angeles #4

The Cheetah Girl

Both my stealth photography and cropping skills could use some work.

Location: Starbucks, Mid-Wilshire

Sex: Female

Approximate age: 16

While typing up my snapshot of the Fair Isle man, I came across this delightful look. A teenage girl, with slightly wavy blonde hair walked up to the counter in matching jacket and pants tracksuit. Most people wearing solid-color Juicy tracksuits don’t often sport the coordinated set at the same time. This girl, though, was not wearing a solid-color tracksuit. Take a moment to imagine. The print on this set was a mixture of cheetah and leopard print, upon which sky blue flowers with blurred edges were superimposed. Under the jacket, the girl wore a bright pink shirt. To accessorize, she carried a royal blue tote bag, an unusually small brown purse, and rather cute black-and-white flats. We all make fashion mistakes as teenagers. This one though, left me utterly speechless.

When I envisioned this Snapshots section, I made the decision not to post photographs of the people profiled. This is not a forum for humiliation. The above photograph has been included simply for the print, as I felt my description had not done it justice.

Overall look: The Cheetah Girls meet flower child.

Provenance: Tourist. No Angeleno would ever in a million years wear that ensemble.

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