My Day: A List

In the “About” section of this blog, I endearingly allude to my “overwhelming number of quirks.” One of these is my compulsive list making. Here is my day as an exploration of my personality.

A normal day.

1. Wake up- “breakfast” consists of an Arnold Palmer.

2. Morning reading- a directory of literary agents.

3. Lunch- at an Italian restaurant (have I mentioned the fact that I’m Italian and a food snob?) where I promptly ordered an Arnold Palmer and calamari. My mom and I were seated next to two women, both of whom had four-month-old babies. Their conversation was nauseating; I’m not a baby person. At all.

4. Sur La Table- because I was desperately in need of a special, Madeleine-mold pan. Baking them on a regular cookie tray just feels wrong. It’s a Proust thing.

Madeleines and a cup of tea

5. Bookstore- to pick up Justin Torres’ We the Animals, which brings the total number of books I need to finish this weekend to three.

6. Alliance Française- where they were having an open house for a class my mom wants to attend. I translated.

7. The Container Store- because my life is never too organized.

8. Coffee shop- where I sit and write/read/drink coffee almost every day.

9. Movie theatre- my mom, grandma, and I went to see Crazy, Stupid, Love, which we (dare I say?) loved.

10. The Counter- where I ordered a brie cheeseburger and drank two more Arnold Palmers.

Now it’s time to read the books on my weekend to-do list, re-organize my desk, and not drink any more Arnold Palmers.

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