10 Misconceptions I Formed Growing Up in Los Angeles

1. All attractive people are (aspiring) actors.

2. Vaguely recognize someone? Probably from a TV show.

3. Waiters and waitresses are aspiring actors and musicians. I truly believed this one until I was 14. The concept of waitressing as a long-term career still baffles me.

4. The largest possible size one can reach is a size 14. What obesity epidemic? I only noticed it at Disneyland.

5. Driving an hour for something is completely reasonable. After all, that’s how long it takes to get 10 miles with traffic.

6. People in other cities don’t walk around in bikinis?

7. Movie billboards can be found every 20 feet. I also believed they were routinely hand-painted and regularly touched-up. The ones decorating Warner Brothers are.

8. No one takes public transportation. Ever. Anywhere in the world.

9. It’s “the” 101/405/5/134/210 freeway.

10. If a major street is shut down, it’s probably for filming or a movie premiere. Cities fill potholes and provide road maintenance?

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