Snapshot: Los Angeles #5

The Lost Boy





Location: Hollywood, La Brea and 3rd Street Intersection

Sex: Male

Approximate age: 50

While driving down La Brea with my mom, this man on a motorcycle immediately grabbed my attention. It was less about his riding a motorcycle and more about the decorations populating his motorcycle. The bumper displayed several stickers, including one reading “Lost Boy” and something about Tinkerbell I couldn’t read in time. His license plate holder proudly proclaimed “Team Disney.” These fairly inconspicuous details weren’t the cause of people’s stares. Seated directly behind him on the motorcycle were roughly a dozen stuffed animals– all Disney characters– ranging from Woody and Jessie from Toy Story to Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. Lion King and Mickey Mouse characters might also have been present, but my sensory filters went haywire. The man completed his hard-core motorcycle look with a black, Peter Pan sweatshirt (temperature: 86 degrees), an impressive grey beard, and a black helmet. Woody and Eeyore either waved “goodbye” or signaled desperately for help as they turned right on 3rd.

Overall look: Motorcyclist meets Disney fanatic. There are no other words.

Provenance: Native. Either that or he moved to Los Angeles many years ago due to its proximity to Disneyland and Disney Studios. My mom tentatively suggested he was a Disney animator, but this hypothesis hasn’t been confirmed.

P.S. Has anyone else seen this man? Has anyone heard of him? Other people must know about him.

P.S.S. If you too would like to deck your motorcycle with Disney paraphernalia or would like to see some of the stuffed animals described, click here.

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