Some Observations About D.C.

1. People introduce themselves with their name and title.  “Hello, I’m so-and-so, Assistant Undersecretary to the Associate Legislative Assistant on the Subcommittee for Pipe Drainage Reform.” Yes, I made that title up. Yes, people really introduce themselves with their job and position. It’s weird. 2. The longer a person’s title is, the less important he or … Continue reading

Poor Posting Excuses

Some of you (by “some,” I mean my core group of five or so readers) may have noticed that my posting frequency has become more and more sporadic. This is for a variety of reasons: I work full-time. From 9:15 AM to 5:45 PM Monday thru Friday, I intern at a political magazine here in … Continue reading

Snapshot: Washington, D.C. #2

Pajama Party Location: Connecticut Ave., Woodley Park Sex: Females Approximate Age: 20 These two girls were spotted around 6:30 PM as I made the grueling trek from the house where I live in D.C. and the Woodley Park Metro station (approximately 100 feet). To preface, Connecticut Ave. is a busy DC thoroughfare with lots of … Continue reading

Snapshot: Washington, D.C. #1

Fencers Flee Florida   Location:ShakeShack between DuPont Circle and Farragut Square Sex: Female Approximate Age: 20 Standing in line at ShakeShack with friends, I noticed a girl ordering ahead of us. I wouldn’t  have noticed her, except that her outfit shrieked for attention. She wore royal blue athletic pants with an intensely orange, vertical stripe … Continue reading

Miss Representation

Last night, a group of girls and I watched the OWN premiere of Miss Representation, a documentary that explores the media’s portrayal of women in power. Studying in D.C., it appeared particularly applicable to our lives. For months, I had heard plenty about the build up to the documentary—especially when Oprah purchased the rights—but hadn’t … Continue reading

Embarrassing Minor Mishaps of the Last 24 Hours

1. I ran into a glass door. Unfortunately, this happens to me on a fairly regular basis. I have awful depth perception, so I usually think the door is a little further away than it actually is. One time in high school, I split my lip running into a glass door. This time wasn’t quite … Continue reading

Galleries and Gardens

This weekend has been as eventful as every other weekend– meaning I hardly have time to catch my breath. Attempts at catching up on sleep were thwarted. But I’m not complaining. My weekend really began Thursday night with the opening of Seeing Gertrude Stein: Five Stories exhibit at The National Portrait Gallery. My art history … Continue reading

Weekend Happenings

Posting has been a bit sparse lately, largely because I don’t have a lot of free time during the week. Work and class take up 11-13 hours of my week, not including travel time, getting ready in the morning, meals and sleep, if it’s still a consideration. One thing I love about DC though is … Continue reading

Tryst Misadventures

This weekend was jam-packed between fancy lunches, the symphony, art museums, and Oklahoma! (the musical). One theme, though, stands out among the rest: my persistent attempts (and often failure) to go to Tryst, the coffee shop half a mile from my house in D.C. Sorry if the title of this post misled you. If you’re … Continue reading