Weekend Happenings

Posting has been a bit sparse lately, largely because I don’t have a lot of free time during the week. Work and class take up 11-13 hours of my week, not including travel time, getting ready in the morning, meals and sleep, if it’s still a consideration.

One thing I love about DC though is the amount of free time I manage to wrangle on the weekends. While on campus, I work through the weekends– reading novels, writing essays, studying for exams. Because I’m taking so few units and the coursework in DC tends to be lighter, I have substantially more time to devote to things other than my homework.

I began this last weekend editing my novel and reading Gertrude Stein’s The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas at Tryst, which has become my usual study spot. In the early evening, I took the metro to Dupont Circle where I visited Second Story Books and Kramerbooks. While at Kramerbooks, I noticed Jeffrey Eugenides’ The Marriage Plot on one of the tables. The release date was Tuesday (yesterday), but since they had it out, I bought it Saturday instead. I haven’t read very far yet, but will post a review when I’m finished.

Saturday night, I went to dinner with a friend at Lebanese Taverna about a block from the house. There, I enjoyed a selection of cheeses and even more bread than usual. After my well balanced meal of bread and cheese, I had small Lebanese fried doughnuts for dessert. It was delicious. The night ended with some good, old-fashioned girl gossip in the stairwell.

After brunch Sunday, I headed to the National Zoo. Although it’s only a couple blocks from the house, I hadn’t yet been. My entire objective was to see the pandas.

Although the traditional pandas were nice, I decided I really needed an adorable, tiny red panda as a pet. Unfortunately, many other people felt the same way, so I wasn’t able to get a photo. Google them. You will fall in love.

My friend and I took a lovely walk around the zoo. We ended up at the duck pond/swamp and aviary.

I really liked this area of the park. We stopped at the indoor aviary, which was one of the coolest places I’ve been in a zoo. I particularly liked the toucans.

That evening, my friends and I went to Zaytinya, a Mediterranean restaurant, which was even better than Lebanese Taverna the night before. They serve mainly tapas-style meals. There, I solidified my new and deep love for halloumi cheese and Lebanese bread. Everything there was delicious. Outside the restaurant was a lovely and interesting sculpture.

My friends and I finished the night with frozen yogurt and dress shopping at H&M. It was a great end to a wonderful weekend. I didn’t complain too much about having to go to work Monday– a holiday for everyone else in DC.

In other news this week, the leaves are beginning to change color. I’ve never experienced a real autumn, so expect a number of photos of multi-colored foliage in the coming weeks.

 More updates coming soon!

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