Galleries and Gardens

This weekend has been as eventful as every other weekend– meaning I hardly have time to catch my breath. Attempts at catching up on sleep were thwarted. But I’m not complaining.

My weekend really began Thursday night with the opening of Seeing Gertrude Stein: Five Stories exhibit at The National Portrait Gallery. My art history professor curated the exhibit and invited our class to the official unveiling. Drinks and food from Alice B. Toklas’ cookbook were served. My professor gave a tour of the exhibit. Gertrude Stein’s 93-year-old nephew attended; he sits just like her. Overall, it was a wonderful evening.

Some highlights:

The entrance of the exhibit.

A yarn doll replica of Stein’s dog, Basket, made by Picasso. Picasso included his son’s calling card and asked him to write “voici un petit frere pour votre chien,” in a child’s handwriting. For those who don’t speak French, that translates to “here is a little brother for your dog.” Adorable.

A “portrait” of Gertrude Stein by Marsden Hartley. Here, she’s symbolized by a cup of tea. At this moment, I felt like Gertrude and I might have been friends. This photo was taken by my phone because my camera ran out of battery. I’d already taken two photos with this painting, but I wore an extremely unflattering outfit and insisted on a photo from the waist up. This should teach me to check my outfits in a mirror before leaving the house in the morning.

A contemporary rendition of Picasso’s famous portrait of Gertrude Stein made with spools of thread. My friend and I loved this piece.

We loved it so much we took a series of photos in front of it.

Saturday morning, I awoke early to go on the White House Garden Tour. For two days every year (one weekend), the White House opens its grounds to the public. My friends and I desperately wanted to go.

Our group in front of the White House (L-R Rebecca, Julia, Liz, Me).

Fountain with monuments in the background.

Rose Garden/West Wing

Me in front of the Oval Office.

Michelle Obama’s vegetable garden.

Me in front of the White House. Despite the rain earlier this week, Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day. The downside was that without sunglasses, it was rather bright out.

Overall a wonderful weekend, if not quite as restful as I’d hoped.

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