Embarrassing Minor Mishaps of the Last 24 Hours

1. I ran into a glass door. Unfortunately, this happens to me on a fairly regular basis. I have awful depth perception, so I usually think the door is a little further away than it actually is. One time in high school, I split my lip running into a glass door. This time wasn’t quite as bad, but I’m sure the security guard watching me got a kick out of it.

2. I tripped up an escalator. Again, poor depth perception. I pretended like nothing happened. The people behind me played along.

3. I dropped a packet of sugar in my coffee. Putting sugar in my coffee is a daily occurrence. Dropping a packet of sugar– wrapper included– into my coffee is not.

4. I spilled butternut squash soup all over my pants. I really don’t have an excuse for this. Perhaps I should have been paying less attention to the book I was reading and more attention to where my spoon fell.

Possible conclusions: I’m a klutz. I should wear my glasses more often. I should get some sleep. All of the above?

This series of events should not be confused with the week in April when I also ran into a glass door, forgot to eat breakfast and lunch all week, ordered my Priscilla’s drink at a Palo Alto Starbucks, tripped on the hem of my dress multiple times onstage, and spent four hours one Friday stress shopping. Because I’m not sure my nerves could handle that again.

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