Snapshot: Washington, D.C. #1

Fencers Flee Florida

An example of the University of Florida's school colors


Location:ShakeShack between DuPont Circle and Farragut Square

Sex: Female

Approximate Age: 20

Standing in line at ShakeShack with friends, I noticed a girl ordering ahead of us. I wouldn’t  have noticed her, except that her outfit shrieked for attention. She wore royal blue athletic pants with an intensely orange, vertical stripe down each leg. Her jacket maintained the same color scheme. The bottom half (it too was an athletic jacket) was still royal blue; the top half was the same shade of orange as the stripe on her pants. Written across the upper orange portion of her jacket were the word “Florida Fencing” in black and all caps. She completed the look with flip flops. After ordering, she joined a group of seven or so friends at a table.

Overall look: Color-impaired Sue Sylvester-esque athletic director. To be fair, the greater problem is the University of Florida’s colors.

Provenance:Tourist. Who other than someone from Florida would wear those colors in public?


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