Snapshot: Washington, D.C. #2

Pajama Party

The scene. There's usually more traffic.

Location: Connecticut Ave., Woodley Park

Sex: Females

Approximate Age: 20

These two girls were spotted around 6:30 PM as I made the grueling trek from the house where I live in D.C. and the Woodley Park Metro station (approximately 100 feet). To preface, Connecticut Ave. is a busy DC thoroughfare with lots of vehicular and foot traffic. It is not a street to take if you don’t want to be seen in public.  Each girl wore a t-shirt with minimal design and writing– the kind of shirts given out for free at an event. I didn’t have enough time to properly read them. The girl on the right wore a pair of pajama pants with pale pink stripes. The girl on the left also wore pajama pants; hers were light blue with a white dove– or some equally attractive, small animal– pattern. Each held a small tub of ice cream.

Overall look: As a friend noted, “please, don’t try too hard.”

Provenance: Transplants. Tourists generally don’t wear pajamas outside the comfort of their hotel. People from D.C. dress too well to be seen in pajamas in public.

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