Poor Posting Excuses

Some of you (by “some,” I mean my core group of five or so readers) may have noticed that my posting frequency has become more and more sporadic. This is for a variety of reasons:

  1. I work full-time. From 9:15 AM to 5:45 PM Monday thru Friday, I intern at a political magazine here in D.C. That adds up to roughly 40 hours a week.
  2. I take classes. After work, I come back to the house, eat some dinner, and prepare for 2-3 hours of class per night.
  3. I sleep badly. Also, I don’t sleep enough. This makes me lethargic and forgetful.
  4. I start posts and don’t finish them. This scenario usually occurs around lunchtime. While eating my Au Bon Pain soup—which I usually spill on myself—I type posts on my phone. Instead of posting them, I decide that I’ll wait to publish until I get home so that I can include a photo. Then I get home and forget.
  5. I’m trying to be more social. My anti-social tendencies don’t make me any friends. In the spirit of change, I have been going out with friends in the evenings, chatting more often in the dining room, and planning get-togethers. I’m finding that I really enjoy socializing. It also gives me plenty of content to post about, which I then forget to do.

Since I haven’t been posting much, I have a huge stockpile of topics. This week, I’ll be scheduling more posts to come out on a semi-regular basis. Stay tuned!

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