Some Observations About D.C.

1. People introduce themselves with their name and title
“Hello, I’m so-and-so, Assistant Undersecretary to the Associate Legislative Assistant on the Subcommittee for Pipe Drainage Reform.”
Yes, I made that title up. Yes, people really introduce themselves with their job and position. It’s weird.
2. The longer a person’s title is, the less important he or she is. See above example.
3. People dress well. You don’t catch people waltzing into work in flip-flops and a ragged sweatshirt. I consider this a nice change of pace.
4. People are grumpy. I don’t know if people are miserable at their jobs, but I can no longer count the number of angry outbursts I’ve witnessed while entering/waiting for/leaving the metro.
5. Starbucks baristas don’t know how to make café au lait. They call coffee and milk a “caffé misto,” which upsets me. When I asked for a café au lait, they made me a latte. Twice. I reallyshouldn’t be surprised. But seriously, what kind of barista doesn’t know what café au lait is?
6. People aren’t excited about snow. It snowed yesterday, and I was thrilled. No one else was.
7. Salad isn’t considered an entrée here. There are a couple salad places, but it’s not widely accepted as meal.
8. Talking on a cell phone in a car is legal. This just makes me nervous.
9. The Stanford-USC game was not broadcast on D.C. television because it was considered a “regional” game. More on that later.
10. There’s very little to do at night for those under 21. As a result, my weekend nights usually consist  of going out to dinner, getting hot chocolate, watching a movie, and lounging around the house. I can’t even go to my favorite coffee shop after 9 P.M. Friday and Saturday nights because it cards.
11. D.C. has weird chains: Caribou coffee, Potbelly’s, Five Guys, Cosi. Where are In-N-Out and Coffee Bean and Jamba Juice? The fast-food landscape appears radically different.     12. Overall, it’s actually a pretty nice place. 

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