Quoted: New York Edition

“I don’t think you’re shy. You know why? You’re wearing hot pink, and that says ‘hello world, I’m here. I’m fierce.’” -FAO Schwartz employee coaxing a timid four-year-old to stop hiding behind her mother Advertisements

New York: Day 2

We started out nice and early Friday morning in New York. I still had a slight migraine, but powered through most of the day. The first stop was the Met, where we arrived before opening. This left ample opportunity to take photos on the famous steps. Inside, we all took a tour of the Stieglitz … Continue reading

New York: Day 1

My trip to New York was rather hectic; I hardly had a spare moment. Sleep fell by the wayside. I took too many photos and had too many stories to fit into one post, so I’ll be going day-by-day over the next few days. Our trip began at 8 A.M. Thursday morning. Of course, this … Continue reading

Guess Where I’ve Been in the Last 36 Hours?

Note: some activities have been omitted.

New York, New York!

Tomorrow morning at 8 A.M., I board an Amtrak train bound for New York. I’ll be staying there until Sunday night, but will hopefully be able to post from the road. Like any good obsessive, I have a travel strategy. As I have detailed here, I also love making lists. Three days ago, I made … Continue reading

Book Review: The Marriage Plot

I finished Jeffrey Eugenides’ The Marriage Plot last week, an embarrassing two weeks after I purchased it. Eugenides has long been a favorite writer– since I read The Virgin Suicides at fourteen. It has always remained in my top five favorite books. The next year, I moved on to Middlesex, which I found somewhat disappointing. … Continue reading

A New Addition: In Cold Blood

It’s been a while since I posted anything Capote-related. Clearly not enough to express the impact he has on my life. A couple weeks ago, my friend mentioned that she was “babysitting” a first edition of In Cold Blood. In a fit of jealousy, I hurried onto Amazon “collectibles” and snatched up a first edition … Continue reading

Film, Friends, and Football

This weekend, like every other it seems, was so full I barely had time to rest. Most of my activities fell on Saturday, meaning I jumped immediately from one thing to the next. I slept in a bit Saturday morning and went down to brunch at 11. My friend and I had decided to see … Continue reading

Adventures of a Schiaparelli Impersonator

Last Thursday, Stanford in Washington hosted party to celebrate the opening of our new art gallery exhibit, Insight and Indentity: Contemporary Artists and Gertrude Stein. It was the second art gallery opening I attended. It also happened to be the second Gertrude Stein-themed art gallery opening I attended. Because the opening fell so close to … Continue reading