Film, Friends, and Football

This weekend, like every other it seems, was so full I barely had time to rest. Most of my activities fell on Saturday, meaning I jumped immediately from one thing to the next.

I slept in a bit Saturday morning and went down to brunch at 11. My friend and I had decided to see Martha Marcy May Marlene that weekend, but hadn’t figured out a time. Originally, we decided on 4 P.M., but then I remembered that I already had plans for that time. Instead, we set off at 1:15 for a 1:45 show. Usually, the movie theatre takes 15 minutes to get to by metro.

Unfortunately, the red line was undergoing construction, causing huge delays. Since we couldn’t wait any longer, we got off at Dupont Circle and – in the pouring rain—found a taxi. Our taxi driver understood our plight and drove to the theatre as quickly as possible. In a series of fortuitous circumstances, we managed to miss only the first five minutes or so.

I had been waiting for months to see Martha Marcy May Marlene. It was an extraordinary film. So much of it is character driven, rather than plot driven, so subtle changes in character were key to making it work. Lizzie Olsen was phenomenal.

After that emotional punch of a film, I took the metro back to Woodley Park (yes, it took an excruciatingly long time to return) to meet a family friend at Open City, one of my favorite restaurants.

When I exited the Woodley Park metro station, it was snowing. Again, snowing. Like this:

That’s a joke. The photo is actually from when I dressed up as Holly Golightly for Truman Capote’s birthday in September.

After my usual café au lait, snickerdooodle cookie, and great conversation, I headed back to the house.

At 8 that night, our viewing party for the Stanford-USC football game began. The Stanford-USC is the most anticipated football game of the season for me. Throughout my childhood, I watched everyone hop on the USC bandwagon while Stanford struggled, to put it nicely.

Of the things that bring my joy in life, watching Stanford beat USC is fairly high on the list.

I spent the entire game a nervous wreck. Numerous people asked it I would be all right. Within the last two minutes prior to overtime, I shrieked, cried, and punched a chair multiple times. I could hardly bear to watch overtime.

We won when USC fumbled the ball in the endzone; Stanford recovered it. I let out an enormous yelp of relief.

Sunday was a much more low-key day. Most of it was spent doing homework in my room and heading off to a rescheduled art history class.

Someday I will learn that balance and composure under pressure are important.

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