New York, New York!

Tomorrow morning at 8 A.M., I board an Amtrak train bound for New York. I’ll be staying there until Sunday night, but will hopefully be able to post from the road.

Like any good obsessive, I have a travel strategy. As I have detailed here, I also love making lists. Three days ago, I made my packing list, down to which pair of gloves I was going to bring. Although I like being prepared for everything, I’m a remarkably light packer. My secret? Pack in outfits.

In drafting my list of clothing for New York, I separated the list into four columns, one for each day I would be there. Under each day, I listed clothing, jewelry, shoes, and bags I would sport. One never overpacks if each detail is already planned.

Thanks to my tried and true strategy, I rather enjoy packing. Few seem to share this view. Response to my chattering last night about each obsessively planned outfit for New York was tepid at best.

Coming up soon– New York: A Preview.

It’s well documented that I can be obsessive (please re-read this post if doubtful). My love of order and repetition means that I like to do the same things each time I visit New York. Stay tuned for my not-to-ever-miss list and photo essay!

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