New York: Day 2

We started out nice and early Friday morning in New York. I still had a slight migraine, but powered through most of the day. The first stop was the Met, where we arrived before opening. This left ample opportunity to take photos on the famous steps.

Inside, we all took a tour of the Stieglitz exhibit, then broke off to see whatever we wanted. I went downstair to the modern collection, then back up to the musical instruments, armor, and 19th-century European sculpture. If my purse looks large in the above photo, it’s because I was storing cereal for some frequently hungry classmates. This became a theme throughout the trip.

From the Met we continued on to the UN, where we had lunch in a beautiful private dining room overlooking the East River. The food was delicious, the view spectacular. Following lunch, we went on a tour of the UN building. This was my fourth tour of the UN.

That would be me looking approximately five years old and exhausted in the General Assembly.

After the UN, I went back to the hotel and took a quick nap in preparation for the evening.

We had dinner at the Algonquin Hotel’s Roundtable restaurant. Due to my huge admiration of Dorothy Parker, this was a highlight. I had some coffee there and all was well.

The main event of the night though was seeing Anything Goes on Broadway. It was a phenomenal show, worth every penny, and the cast couldn’t have been nicer. After the performance, a couple ensemble members and Joel Grey (!) came out to talk to us. It was certainly a highlight of the trip.

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