Disorienting Things About Los Angeles: A List

I’ve been home for several weeks now. In the first few days of my return though, a number of things I had previously taken for granted in Los Angeles baffled me.

1. Multi-colored Suburbans. In DC, Suburbans are almost always black and almost always driven by Secret Service.

2. Lights blinking yellow. Where’s the red and blue? Where are the undercover cop and Secret Service cars?

3. Palm trees. They’re odd-looking.

4. Single-story houses. Apartment complexes, townhouses, and large office buildings have become my norm.

5. Mediterranean architecture. See above.

6. Freeways. I went months without seeing (or driving) one.

7. Convertibles. It rains a lot in DC; convertibles are not the most reasonable choice.

8. Large outdoor shopping malls. If I have to drive my car to get from one end to the other, the mall is too big.

9. Weather. It felt more like Christmas in 35 degree weather than in 75 degree weather.

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