Charente: Day 2

Day two was our only full day in Charente, so it was by far the busiest. We spent the morning and early afternoon in Cognac and the rest of the day in Saintes, a town about 30 miles away. We began at a visitor’s center in Cognac, which gave us an overview of the history … Continue reading

Charente: Day 1

Posting has been light the past several days because of a weekend trip to the Charente region of France. I left my laptop in Paris, knowing I wouldn’t have much time to use it anyway. I woke up at the ungodly hour of 6AM Friday morning for a 9:30 train. The train station is a … Continue reading

Maison du Chocolat Hot Chocolate

I have been looking forward to today all week. Not because I had art history class, not because I did laundry, not because I am halfway through the week, but because today is the day I said I would allow myself another cup of Maison du Chocolat hot chocolate. For those of you closely following … Continue reading

An Amélie Moment

A couple days ago, I had to visit a photomaton to have ID photos taken. If you’ve seen Amélie, you know that much of the action revolves around a book of photomaton photos she discovers.  Only certain metro stations have photomatons. This one is located at Montparnasse Bienvenue. Photomaton photos come in sets of five. … Continue reading

Snapshot #1: Paris

Location: Musée d’Orsay Sex: Female Approximate Age: 18 While wandering about the Impressionist galleries at Musée d’Orsay, I spotted a Parisian renegade. Most of us equate Paris with style. The Parisian color palette largely consists of neutrals: beige, gray, navy and, most of all, black. This girl, who I guess was 18, but may have … Continue reading

The Perfect Walk

It’s no secret that I love to walk in Paris. I enjoy it so much, I have yet to purchase a metro pass and can count the number of times I’ve taken the metro so far. Over the past few days, I’ve had a number of “wow, I live in Paris moments.” This, though, was … Continue reading

Louvre: Then and Now

The last time I was at the Louvre in 2005, I was fourteen, thought my hair looked good in braids, and wore ill-fitting children’s jeans. The Da Vinci Code still enjoyed wild popularity. Like the good book geek that I am, I brought my copy with me. I even took photos reading it in relevant … Continue reading

Jardin du Luxembourg

After my post on the Tuileries, I thought I’d share a couple photos from the Jardin du Luxembourg, which I visited last week. It’s a beautiful setting with lots of sculptures, fountains and, of course, the Palais du Luxembourg. Now that it’s Winter, the trees have lost their leaves and the flowers appear to be … Continue reading


Yesterday I took a stroll through Jardin des Tuileries, which I have always loved. Although it was rather cold out (35-40 F), it was a beautiful day. People sat in chairs by the pool, ran long the dirt paths, meandered around the topiaries; it was a wonderful way to see Paris at its best. Even … Continue reading

Real or Photoshopped?

I’m not really sure– and I was there. La Tour Eiffel at night will never stop being magical.