A Cappuccino at Les Deux Magots

I arrived in Paris this morning, so early that it was still dark outside. Although there’s lots to tell, I will save it for another night.

My friend and I set out to explore Saint Germain, where I will be living with my host family, this afternoon. On the plane ride to Paris, I read Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast-– an apt book for my relocation. For years, I’ve wanted to stop inside Les Deux Magots, a café renowned as an escape for artists and writers, including Hemingway, in the early 20th century. The closest I had ever been (way back in 2005) was the front door.

So when my friend and I ended up outside the restaurant/café by chance while scouring the area for a good place for coffee, I decided it was time to finally go in.

Today, I fulfilled my dream of having a cappuccino at Les Deux Magots.

And it was wonderful.

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  1. […] this was my first visit to Les Deux Magots. If you recall, my first post from Paris was about my cappuccino at Les Deux Magots. Little did I know then that a café crème at Deux […]

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