Louvre: Then and Now

The last time I was at the Louvre in 2005, I was fourteen, thought my hair looked good in braids, and wore ill-fitting children’s jeans. The Da Vinci Code still enjoyed wild popularity.

Like the good book geek that I am, I brought my copy with me.

I even took photos reading it in relevant galleries.

Things that have changed since these photos: I no longer have braces; I no longer wear my hair in braids; I no longer wear embroidered children’s jeans (gave them away last year!); my mother no longer uses fanny packs; I no longer consider The Da Vinci Code the pinnacle of literary craft (I discovered Truman Capote roughly a year later).

While in Paris, I’m taking an art history course that meets at a museum every Wednesday. For the first three weeks, we’ll be meeting at the Louvre. I even have a fancy Louvre membership card so I can come and go as I please. Today was our first class at the Louvre, held in the Salle Daru.

Under the Grande Pyramide of the Louvre today.

With the inverted petite pyramide today.

Things that haven’t changed between these photos: I still adore the Louvre; my mouth still drops every time I enter the galleries; that red-striped shirt is still my favorite. Its appearance in both sets of photos was not coincidence.

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