An Amélie Moment

A couple days ago, I had to visit a photomaton to have ID photos taken. If you’ve seen Amélie, you know that much of the action revolves around a book of photomaton photos she discovers. 

Only certain metro stations have photomatons. This one is located at Montparnasse Bienvenue.

Photomaton photos come in sets of five. Unfortunately, I didn’t have scissors with me. If I had, I would have cut out a photo and pushed it under the booth. Imagine how many people have done the same since Amélie?

French ID photos are very specific and must be done correctly. The photomaton tells you exactly how to align and position your head. Smiling is not allowed. I was very concerned that my photos would be done improperly.

Here’s how my photos turned out:

Should I ever need to supply a mug shot, here it is.


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