Wednesday Walks

Today is Wednesday, which means that I had the pleasure of taking my favorite walk back form the Louvre while drinking a Maison du Chocolat hot chocolate (with ridiculous straw, obviously). I’ve already waxed poetic about my hot chocolate, so I won’t do it again. Needless to say, the employees at the Maison du Chocolat boutique at Carrousel du Louvre are beginning to recognize me, although that may be because, in a fit of homesickness, I gave them a resume of my life story my first trip there. But I digress.

I have also discussed my favorite walk in great detail. For some reason, perhaps because I finished a bit early at the Louvre or because it’s getting darker later, I had a whole new view on my walk today.

Instead of walking back at dusk, I walked back at sunset.

The photos, taken with my iPhone, don’t quite capture the perfect pale pink of that sunset, but I assure you, it was stunning.

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