New Journal

Yesterday, I headed to Le Bon Marché for the last day of winter soldes (sales). Le Bon Marché has a beautiful papeterie. Sometimes I go just to browse. Yesterday, though, I came across this.

I have been coveting Christian Lacroix papier since it first came out. When I saw this journal, which is entitled “Astrologie,” I knew I had to have it.

It is worth noting that with great sadness, I ran out of paper in the journal I have been keeping for the past two and a half years. When I finished, I walked back to Le Bon Marché and splurged on the Astrologie journal to lessen the blow.

I didn’t buy the journal solely for the cover. A peek inside:

The inside cover.

Each astrological sign has its own page in the journal. They are all equally (if not more) beautiful.

This reminds me of Ferdinand.

Yes, this will certainly soften the blow.

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