London: Days 3 and 4

I admit, the title’s a bit misleading. I spent Day 3 largely in Oxford, drinking mulled cider and pretending to be in a Harry Potter movie. Oh, and buying books. Lots and lots of books (sorry Mom and Dad!).

Hello, Oxford!

This shot struck me as very Philip Pullman-esque. Considering I only read one of his books many years ago, I have no idea why.

Holy ceiling!

In my natural habitat.

Outside the bookstore, before even browsing. Imagine my joy on the way out.

This is not real.

And this is not my life.

Of course this would exist in Oxford.

Delicious mulled cider at The Eagle and Child in Oxford.

First sip: heaven.

After evensong at Magdalen College (thanks, Kate!), I headed back to London for the duration of my trip.

The next morning I “decided” to take a ten-mile walk around London. By “decided,” I mean a number of metro fiascos, wrong turns, and wanderings led me to walk 10 miles, which I didn’t realize until my feet were sore and I looked up how far I walked. Believe me, my feet were in real pain Monday.

I began in Chelsea, across the bridge, then headed to Savile Row, got lost going to Soho, ended up in Leiceister Square, ended up at Covent Garden, finally made it to Soho, got lost finding the coffee shop, had coffee, meandered around Soho, went back to Covent Garden, followed some pretty spires to Saint Martin-in-the-Fields and Trafalgar Square, searched for the metro at Embankment and the London eye, and ended up in Westminster.

It was an eventful day. I didn’t take many photos.

I legitimately have 20 photos of this fountain. The frozen water was just so beautiful.

Trying to pack as many recognizable monuments as possible into one photo.

Thirty minutes and twenty photos of fountains later, I asked a cute British boy to take a touristy photo of me in front of my most recent obsession. He happily obliged.

One of the destinations on my “espresso hopping” list happened to be just across from Trafalgar Square. The perfect end to my England experience.

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