The Coffee Table: Part III

Apologies for the sporadic blogging; I’ve had a busy couple weeks. Of course, I can always manage to squeeze in time for a good cappuccino.

Writing the first coffee table posts (and studying for an art history midterm), Café crème, Café Basile, Paris, France

My idea of Valentine’s Day, Cappuccino, Café Coutume, Paris, France

Finished new novel outline, Hot chocolate and carrot cake, Sugarplum Cake and Coffee Shop, Paris, France

My favorite salle at Les Deux Magots complete with my favorite number of people in it, Les Deux Magots, Paris, France

Café crème, Les Deux Magots, Paris, France

This week I discovered that a bit of red lipstick and a good cappuccino can almost always cure a case of the mean reds.

2 Responses to “The Coffee Table: Part III”
  1. jean reisman says:

    Love to read your blogs. It’s like being in Paris, myself!


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