Barcelona Day 1

I woke up rather late on my first day in Barcelona after realizing that I should probably enjoy some relaxation during my spring break. I had also gotten in rather late the night before thanks to a couple flight delays. When I finally made my way outside around 10 AM, it was pouring rain. I’d … Continue reading

Marrakech Day 3

Day three was my last full day in Marrakech. My friends left that morning for Essaouira, another Morrocan city near the ocean, so I was on my own for the day. Luckily, I didn’t feel too unsafe in Marrakech. I kept to well frequented roads, and tried to go as unnoticeable as a pale-skinned, blue-eyed … Continue reading

Marrakech Day 2

My second day in Marrakech took me to another part of the city. Most of my time was spent in the medina, where I stayed, which is the old and most touristy part of the city. It is difficult to overestimate the amount to which Marrakech relies on tourism. Everything appears to come back to … Continue reading

Marrakesh Day 1

My friend Annie and I took a 3:30 PM flight to Marrakech from Charles de Gaulle. We arrived at 6PM Marrakech time, 7 PM Paris time. After a rather long line at passport control, we made our way past customs to the airport terminal, where we waited another hour and half for our friend Liz … Continue reading

Glimpses of Marrakech

A proper post about Marrakech is coming up within the next several hours, but until then, a couple photos. In the courtyard of the hotel. Mint tea. Inside Marrakech Museum. Koutoubia Mosque and Gardens Old city ramparts Marjorelle Gardens Majorelle Gardens

21 at 21

I didn’t make a list of New Years Resolutions. This was partly for ideological reasons, partly because I just didn’t get it together in time. In any case, my New Years Resolutions rarely ever work, likely because they end up as nebulous, abstract concepts like “wear more hats.” In 2011, I made a list of … Continue reading

The Coffee Table: Part IV

It’s finals time, and I have four final essays to write. Having just finished the second, I’m taking a quick break before moving on to the third. Without further ado, the fourth installment of  “The Coffee Table”– an international-heavy edition. Hungarian sponge cake and mélange (honey, coffee, cream), Gerbeaud, Budapest, Hungary Chocolate roll and mélange, … Continue reading


I spent my 21st birthday on a field trip to Rouen– an hour and a half from Paris by train–with my art history class. I will at some point do a proper post on Rouen, but here are a couple shots from my birthday. Monet’s atelier in Rouen, just across from the cathedral. Blackcurrant kir … Continue reading

Budapest: Day 3 and Thoughts on Layovers

Unfortunately, the weekend passed all too quickly. Sunday, I had a 3 PM flight back to Paris, which meant I had to leave for the airport at noon. Shelley had a train back to Prague to catch, so we opted for a very low-key morning. We went back to Gerbeaud for breakfast because it was … Continue reading

Budapest: Day 2

As the only full day we had in Budapest, we made Day 2 (aka Saturday) count. I will attempt not to bore you with the 185 photos of scenery I took. Please note that’s not an approximate count. We started by walking along the Danube from our hotel to the castle. Tramway, Danube, Bridge, and … Continue reading