Budapest: Day 1

I’m a little behind in posting about Budapest, but final essays are due next week and my focus seems to be on everything but productivity.

I woke up at 4:30 AM Friday morning to catch the 5:30 AM metro to the 6:15 RER to arrive at Charles de Gaulle at 6:45 AM, precisely two hours before my flight. I checked in easily and spent a lovely hours and a half drinking a cappuccino and reading at the gate. I love waiting at the gate for planes. It feels like I have nowhere to be.

Unfortunately, my plane was 43 minutes late to Munich. This would have been fine if I didn’t have a 45-minute layover. I sprinted through the airport and just made my connection to Budapest. I made it on the plane. My checked baggage did not. I met a very nice Penn grad student in the Budapest airport whose luggage had also been lost. Hysterics did not ensue. In fact, I was exceptionally calm through the entire experience. I was assured that my bag would be on the next flight to Budapest and that it would be delivered to the hotel at 9PM. That is precisely what happened.

I arrived an hour later than expected at the hotel where I found Shelley!

We were super tired, but super excited to see each other.

We headed out to Vaci Utca, which is the main shopping street, on our way to Gerbeaud, which is the most famous tea salon/patisserie in Budapest.

I had what they call a “melange” coffee, which is espresso, cream, and honey. I had several more of these over the course of the weekend.

We also had traditional Hungarian sponge cake. Yum.

On Vaci Utca, just outside Gerbeaud.

My new favorite street. Just off Vaci Utca, this little street has a paper shop I became obsessed with. Good thing they ship to Paris!

It was getting dark, so we decided to walk across Erzsebet Bridge before dinner. Budapest is breathtakingly stunning at night.

The castle from the bridge.

The Danube with Szabadsag Bridge in the background.

Gellert Hill.

We had dinner at Central Kavehaz, which we’d seen on our walk. The restaurant was beautiful, and the food was great. We had a special type of Hungarian champagne cocktail.

By 9 PM, we were back at the hotel in our pajamas and ready for our five-hour girl talk session. Talk about a wonderful day.


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