I spent my 21st birthday on a field trip to Rouen– an hour and a half from Paris by train–with my art history class. I will at some point do a proper post on Rouen, but here are a couple shots from my birthday.

Monet’s atelier in Rouen, just across from the cathedral.

Blackcurrant kir

Steak with butter sauce for lunch.

Exemplary painting technique in Monet’s atelier.

Czech spirits from Shelley

First cosmopolitan back in Paris.

I let my friends choose my drink at the second bar. I ended up with this neon blue concoction, which tasted mostly like sugar.

Although I missed family and friends back home, I had a lovely French birthday!

2 Responses to “21”
  1. Aunt Kris says:

    Happy birthday, Kaitlin! Finally, 21! It looks like you celebrated it in style.

    Love, Aunt Kris

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