Budapest: Day 3 and Thoughts on Layovers

Unfortunately, the weekend passed all too quickly. Sunday, I had a 3 PM flight back to Paris, which meant I had to leave for the airport at noon. Shelley had a train back to Prague to catch, so we opted for a very low-key morning.

We went back to Gerbeaud for breakfast because it was just too pretty to visit only once.

We walked along the Danube again. We found this statue the day before, but couldn’t photograph it because of others sitting with the girl. The Hungarians really do love their dogs.

There is a Shakespeare statue. We have yet to figure out why this is.

I arrived very early for my flight from Budapest to Zurich. The flight to Zurich arrived without issues. I had an hour and a half layover there. From Zurich, I flew back to Paris and returned to my apartment around 9:30 PM.

While in Zurich, I began to think about layovers, which I don’t find awful. At the same time, they always strike me as slightly sad. I have been to Germany and Switzerland. I have never left their airports.

Thoughts on my Munich layover: Can’t breathe. Keep running. Why is this airport so large?

Thoughts on my Zurich layover: Blood oranges! Glass. Why is there a smoking lounge every 100 feet?

Here I am in Zurich! You would never know where I am without the caption.

Spring break is coming up soon! Lots of photos of Morocco and Spain will be posted. Until then, I will curl up in a ball and then write my 30 pages of papers in French.

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