Marrakech Day 3

Day three was my last full day in Marrakech. My friends left that morning for Essaouira, another Morrocan city near the ocean, so I was on my own for the day. Luckily, I didn’t feel too unsafe in Marrakech. I kept to well frequented roads, and tried to go as unnoticeable as a pale-skinned, blue-eyed girl can go. The only thing really on my list that day was Bahia Palace. The manager of our hotel gave me very specific, straightforward directions (it was only a ten-minute walk away) and told me, in French, not to pick up anyone on the way, as if that were my objective.

I didn’t take my big camera with me to the palace, opting instead for my small point-and-shoot, which fit easily in my smaller purse.

Entrance to the palace. Prepare yourself for an onslaught of palace photos. If you feel you didn’t get enough, don’t worry, I have another 200.

Courtyard one in my favorite color scheme.

Courtyard two, which reminded me of The Jungle Book. Speaking of which, in Marrakech, I began using the term “The Disney Effect.” It stemmed from an incident when I said that Djemma el Fnaa Square reminded me a bit of Disneyland. It was true; everyone seems to be performing. There were snake charmers, men with monkeys, even the street hawkers asking “Charlie’s Angels” if they would stop for a moment seemed to be mid-performance. It was a very odd state of being. Because I have no other touchstone to go on, Disney movies became my point of reference. By day three, it became depressing. I was slightly cheered by a shop sign printed in Disney font; maybe people in Marrakech have noticed the effect as well.

Courtyard three, a larger, more elaborate version of courtyard one.

I just love the doorframes in Marrakech.

The women’s rooms of the palace.

Me in courtyard three again. Yes, I have been getting enough sleep. No, I don’t know why the bags under my eyes are so pronounced in all the photos from this trip.

In courtyard two, my favorite part of the palace.

There was a huge, shady fig tree on the palace grounds. The fig trees in the courtyards were fairly spindly; this one was certainly not.

It took me several minute to notice that this was, in fact, a fig tree.

After the palace, I did some shopping at the souks and returned to Djemma el Fnaa Square. I had mint tea and ice cream overlooking the square. It was terribly hot again.

My friends Jasmine and Catherine arrived in Marrakech that afternoon. I hadn’t seen them in quite some time, so I was very excited. We all met up for dinner, then toured one another’s riads. We had mint tea at mine.

I left the riad the next morning at 11 AM, bound for Barcelona. Due to multiple flight delays, it took twelve hours for me to arrive at the Barcelona hotel. It was worth it.

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