The Coffee Table: Part V

Before posting photos from my tour of the Dordogne and Provence, an update to The Coffee Table is necessary. This installment largely feature my crazy, whirlwind month of travel through Morocco, Spain, Southern France and, of course, Paris.

The mint tea table, Riad Basma, Marrakech, Morocco

Café creme and Koutoubia Tower, Café de France, Jemaa el-Fna Square, Marrakech, Morocco

Cappuccino, Les Terrasses d’Alhambra, Jemaa el-Fna Square, Marrakech, Morocco

Writing the name of this café, I began to laugh. A week later, I actually did have coffee on the terrace of the Alhambra in Granada (see below).

The sangria table? Barcelona, Spain

Tea and serrano and mozzarella sandwich, La Botiga del Pa, Figueres, Spain

Café creme, Alhambra, Granada, Spain

Look! I’ve started using Instagram. I was into it for about two days.

Sangria, Sevilla, Spain

Gazpacho and sangria, Sevilla, Spain

Cappuccino and hot chocolate, Coutume Café, Paris, France

On my parents’ first afternoon in Paris, I took them to one of my favorite spots, Coutume Café, which has been featured heavily in the coffee table series. Before I had the chance to sip my cappuccino, my mom reminded me to take a photo for the blog. She artfully arranged this photo, keeping the guidebook in the frame because “Kaitlin likes to have reading and writing material in her coffee table photos.” Thanks, Mom!

Hot chocolate and tartelette Eva, Angelina, Paris, France

Café creme, Terra Café, Giverny, France

For the record, this is the largest café creme I have ever received in France. To corroborate the belief that Giverny is a tourist town, it is listed on the menu as a “café au lait.”

Breakfast, Avignon, France

Café creme, hot chocolate, and beer, Les Deux Magots, Paris, France

On my parents’ final afternoon in Paris, I took them to Les Deux Magots, another favorite café. Just as we arrived, my favorite table opened up. It was perfection.

Princess Eugénie tea and passion fruit and raspberry tart, Ladurée Tea Salon, Paris, France

Hot chocolate and carrot cake, Sugarplum, Paris, France

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