Twenty-Four Hours in Milan

I am a terrible blogger and the first to admit it. As of today, I have fewer than two weeks left in Paris and am in a mad rush to finish everything and say goodbye. All this– along with the incredible amounts of work I have late in the quarter– has kept me from blogging about … Continue reading

The Coffee Table: Part VI

I know, I owe a recap of my Italy trip, but since I don’t currently have the time or energy to recount everything, I’ll take the shortcut and describe the coffee I had instead. Café creme and croissant, Les Deux Magot, Paris. Also featured are my planner and the book I’m using for research for … Continue reading

Sogno d’Italia

I’m off to Milan and Venice in the morning on what is likely my last international travel of my European adventure. I haven’t been to Italy since 2006 and have never been to either city. Here’s what I’m looking forward to. 1. Gelato 2. Risotto 3. Espresso 4. Museums 4. Linguine con vongole 5. La … Continue reading


Several weeks ago, I joked about my trip to middle-of-nowhere France, which was fairly accurate description. What I didn’t know was how much fun I’d have in middle-of-nowhere France, also known as Auvergne. Located in central France, Auvergne is famous for its cheese, volcanoes, and a rather dégoutant alcoholic beverage called verveine. We stayed in … Continue reading

How to Celebrate May Day

1. Sleep in 2. Read 3. Eat breakfast for lunch 4. Walk in the sunshine 5. Listen to a 15-person string group outside the metro station 6. People watch in the Tuileries 7. Eat chocolate Happy May Day from Paris (where it’s a national holiday)!