The Coffee Table: Part VI

I know, I owe a recap of my Italy trip, but since I don’t currently have the time or energy to recount everything, I’ll take the shortcut and describe the coffee I had instead.

Café creme and croissant, Les Deux Magot, Paris. Also featured are my planner and the book I’m using for research for my essay on Balkan stability and EU adhesion. Scintillating.

Cappuccino, Caffe Mercanti, Milan, Italy.

Cappuccinos in Italy were everything I ever dreamed of. The next day, while still in Milan, I stopped in a café off the beaten tourist track. It was full of locals, and I proudly ordered my cappuccino in Italian. Flash forward three minutes, when I knocked my cappuccino over, spilled espresso everywhere, and shattered the saucer. The Italian waiters could not have been nicer, despite my obvious embarrassment. They promptly found me another table, brought me another cappuccino, and told me not to worry about a thing (they also didn’t speak English). When I went to pay, I told them I would gladly reimburse them for the broken saucer and pay for the two cappuccinos I was given. The waiter handed me the receipt for one cappuccino, the cost of which was 1.80 euro. I nearly cried. An espresso in Paris alone costs more than that. I saved the receipt.

Strawberry Bellini, Victoria Café, Milan, Italy. If you happen to be in Milan, I’d highly recommend this place. I found it while wandering around La Scala and eventually went back hours later for my aperitivo. I appeared to be the only non-Italian there, just the way I like it.

Cappuccino, Venice, Italy. I didn’t make note of exactly where I had this cappuccino, but it was just off Piazza San Marco and open early in the morning, which can’t be said for many Venetian cafés. The cappuccino was great; the service was terrible.

Cappuccino, da Roberto Trattoria, Venice, Italy.

I may have gone here just because it sounded like my dad’s name. (Hi, Dad! I missed you in Venice!)

Rosé and pretzels, Les Deux Magots, Paris, France, Friday at 9 PM.

This is what I wanted my whole life, and I am so grateful to have it.

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