New York

For those of you who don’t know (which is probably many, considering I did a terrible job telling people), I moved to New York last Saturday. One need not panic though; I’ll only be here another six to seven weeks. My most recent relocation brings the number of cities I’ve lived in this year up … Continue reading

What I Learned in France

Today, I leave Paris. In fact, right now, at 11:30 AM, my plane is scheduled to take off. No, I am not posting from the airplane, well after flight attendants have asked that all electronics be turned off, carry ons stowed, and seats in the upright position. I anticipated this post being so difficult to … Continue reading


I apologize for the (even) late(r) Venice wrap-up. My Internet in Paris has been very unhappy with me of late. My first stop in Venice was the legendary Harry’s Bar, where I ordered a Bellini. It was worth it. My first full day in Venice, I stayed largely in the area of San Marco, not … Continue reading