I apologize for the (even) late(r) Venice wrap-up. My Internet in Paris has been very unhappy with me of late.

My first stop in Venice was the legendary Harry’s Bar, where I ordered a Bellini. It was worth it.

My first full day in Venice, I stayed largely in the area of San Marco, not far from St. Mark’s Basilica, pictured above.

The interior of St. Mark’s Basilica is in the Byzantine style. I don’t think I’d ever seen a Byzantine church in person, and it was stunning. Well worth the long line to enter.

From the Basilica, I walked next door to the Doge’s Palace. Some very nice Spanish tourists spent several minutes composing the proper photo of me on the ceremonial staircase. A long line had formed, hence the awkward pigeon-toed look.

The map room at the Doge’s Palace. I don’t feel I need to explain further.

I also took a tour of La Fenice, the legendary Venice opera house, where I also bought a ticket to attend the opera that night.

I snuck some photos of the interior for my dad. I apologize for the terrible composition. It is, however, perhaps the most beautiful opera house (interior-wise) I’ve seen yet.

Mirrors that go on and on and on in the royal box at La Fenice.

I spent some time wandering around the canals.

I also went to the Rialto, which was a little too crowded and touristy for my taste. There were a lot of husbands yelling at wives for shopping, which I didn’t find particularly romantic in a city swarming with couples celebrating honeymoons, anniversaries, etc. I left fairly quickly.

I changed and returned to La Fenice to see La Sonnambula, which was fabulous. La Fenice has fairly reasonable prices and, because the venue is fairly small, most seats have good views.

On my second full day, I walked to the Dorsoduro area in Venice to visit the museums. I left pretty early, and the lighting was beautiful.

Canal near the Guggenheim Collection (and Wake Forest house!)

Yoko Ono’s wish tree at the Guggenheim.

I spent more time exploring Dorsoduro, where I visited Ca’ Rezzonico, and did some shopping back in San Marco. I left very early (5 AM) Saturday morning. The plus side of leaving so early was seeing the sun rise from the vaporetto to the airport.

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