New York

For those of you who don’t know (which is probably many, considering I did a terrible job telling people), I moved to New York last Saturday. One need not panic though; I’ll only be here another six to seven weeks. My most recent relocation brings the number of cities I’ve lived in this year up to five. Frankly, I’m looking forward to going home and staying in one place for a while. My suitcases might also appreciate the break.

I am living just off Herald Square, home of the Macy’s flagship store. So far, my wallet has survived unscathed. My office is in Times Square, just a nine-block, twelve-minute walk away.

I am adjusting to and enjoying city life. I have two very lovely roommates, enthusiastic and social, who I’m getting to know. In celebration of my first day of interning Monday, we went out for sangria that evening at a great place near Washington Square Park. I am working through my fear of the New York subway. I’ve used my MetroCard twice, which is progress.

Though I spent almost all of Saturday in transit, I managed to fit in several of my top things to do in New York Sunday. I began with Alice’s Tea Cup with a fabulous New York-based friend. From there, we meandered through Central Park, stopping at a couple locations I’d never been before. Our ultimate goal was a visit to the Met, where I bought a membership and we saw the Schiaparelli-Prada exhibit, which I loved. Unfortunately, since it was a rather unplanned decision, I was not wearing my Schiaparelli jacket, so I’ll have to go back. Quel dommage.

My internship is going very well. I enjoy and am proud of the work I’m doing. Hopefully things will progress similarly over the next several weeks.

À bientôt!

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