Reading List

Since I’m commuting to work from New Jersey at the moment, I have a lot of reading time on the train. Considering I intern at a literary agency, I have a lot of time to read period. I also get a lot of free reading material. So here’s my reading list of the last two weeks.

1. Maphead– Ken Jennings

2. A Reliable Wife– Robert Goolrick

3. Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs– Chuck Klosterman

4. Sharp Objects– Gillian Flynn

5. Dark Places– Gillian Flynn

6. Love Water Memory– Jennie Shortridge

I’ve also been able to read several manuscripts for work, which has been a complete joy. One recently sold, to be published in early 2015. Even in draft form, it’s one of the best, most beautiful stories I’ve read in a while. As the release date draws closer, I’ll be sure to post more about it.

Currently reading:

March– Geraldine Brooks

Love Is a Mixtape– Rob Sheffield


I’ll be posting reviews of a few of these books soon!

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