Truman’s Birthday

As many know, I celebrate Truman Capote’s birthday (September 30) every year. This usually involves my dressing up as Holly Golightly and throwing a Breakfast at Tiffany’s-themed cocktail party. Since I only recently moved to New York, I decided to forgo the cocktail party this year. Instead I went on what I deemed my New York Truman Capote tour yesterday to celebrate.

Before leaving the apartment, I dressed as Holly. I opted for my usual updo, red lipstick, jewelry, and black suede heels. This year, I wore a new, navy J. Crew dress instead of my vintage black.


Holly Hair

I began at Eric Kayser, which I usually frequent on weekend mornings.

After breakfast, I continued to 169 E. 71st Street. The exterior shots of Holly’s abode in Breakfast at Tiffany’s-– the movie– were filmed here.


I happen to pass this address often on my way to the grocery store.

A walk down Madison Avenue took me from the Upper East Side to Midtown, where I made a stop at 52nd Street.


The legendary La Grenouille appears in Answered Prayers. An account of Capote’s life never seems to go without a mention of La Grenouille.

Finally, I stopped at the place that most reminds me of Truman Capote: Tiffany & Co.


I may have done more browsing than necessary.

So, friends and swans, Happy Truman Capote’s Birthday and Happy Holly Day! (T.C. would have loved Snapchat.)


3 Responses to “Truman’s Birthday”
  1. Gisele says:

    Thank you Kaitlin, I felt I was with you in New York. What a treat!
    Bisous. Gisele

  2. Jean Reisman says:

    Thank you Kaitlin for sharing your Truman Capote celebration with me! Love Grandma

  3. Alans Email Account says:

    Hi Holly,

    Keep those posts coming.

    Hope you are enjoying the city.


    Uncle Alan


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