Let It Snow

Today marked the first snowfall in New York. At 35 degrees, the temperature proved too warm for the snow to stick, but for a few hours this morning, I got to gaze out the window at teardrop- and bottlecap-sized flakes fluttering to the ground.

It was snowing when I awoke just before seven this morning; the weather forecast fulfilled its promise. I watched out the window, standing just in front of my heater for several moments before crawling back into bed for the full snowy experience.

I was speedier than usual getting ready for work. With an extra half-hour to kill, I took a walk despite the temperature. I took a video and a couple photos as the snowflakes caught in my hair on the way to Eric Kayser. I figured a morning of frolicking in a flurry deserved the perfect end.

Hard to tell-- but I promise that's snow falling!

Hard to tell– but I promise that’s snow falling!

So this is what my work desk looked like this morning. I glanced out the window until the snow stopped.


Looking forward to more snowy mornings!

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