Weekend Art: Royal Dog Portraiture and Silver Lives

I spent the better part of Sunday strolling around MoMA– ducking into galleries, wandering through retrospectives, and lounging on couches below video installations. There’s something uniquely insular about museums; time feels different, and reality becomes distant.

I find art inspiring, even though my visual art skills remain atrocious.

On Friday, I was strolling down Madison Ave. when I came to a halt outside Bonhams. I pass Bonhams often, seeing as it’s just around the corner from Tiffany & Co., but I don’t often stop in front of their windows.

I am captivated by this painting.

Of course I instagrammed this. I loved the juxtaposition of the painting and urban setting.

Of course I instagrammed this. I loved the juxtaposition of the painting and urban setting.

I can’t explain why I love this painting, why I find it so hysterical. If I had $4,000-6,000 to spare, I would display it prominently in my home. Sometimes art just inexplicably speaks to us. (I’m going to save myself the therapy bills and say this goes back to my long-standing dog and nobility obsessions).

I understand that this kind of art may not appeal to everyone. So back to the more traditional.

As previously mentioned, at MoMA I watched the oddly soothing video installation, Ten Thousand Waves, by Isaac Julien. It acted as a film, but was spread out over multiple screens, each displaying a different image or subplot. I didn’t watch the entire thing, but viewed it from a few different vantage points. I started watching on the couches seen in the following photos, but eventually moved to the gallery corridors up several levels, which I thought gave a more complete view of the installation.



On my way to the Isa Genzken retrospective, I spotted the remainder of the Magritte exhibit, which I so loved seeing several months ago. A new exhibit is being installed, but I felt sad to see the Magritte show gone. A reminder that art is transitory.


I found a couple gems in the Ileana Sonnabend exhibit.

I’m not usually a huge Jeff Koons fan, but I love this sculpture of a B-list movie actress (based on Jayne Mansfield) and the Pink Panther.
Lastly, this neon sign caught my attention.
At first glance, I misread this sign as “Silver Lives,” which immediately made me think of silver linings. What would a silver life entail? In case you misread as well, the sign actually reads “Silver Livres” (“livres” is the French word for “books”). Silver books seem nice, but instead I’m choosing to concentrate on discovering the meaning of silver lives. Who knows, there may be a book theme there.
One Response to “Weekend Art: Royal Dog Portraiture and Silver Lives”
  1. Gail Reisman and Bob Olson says:

    Definitely Like – We’re living vicariously through your fun adventures in NYC! xo Mom & Dad

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