An Update on 2015

I’m not a prolific blogger, but I figured that after three months, I was due for a 2015 update. So here’s what has been occupying my time away from the Internet/my computer/my job:

photo 2 photo 3 photo 1

As a Christmas present, my parents got me a membership to the Young Associates program at The Metropolitan Opera, along with tickets to the associated operas this season (thanks, Mom and Dad!). It’s been a fantastic experience so far. In February, my high school friend Tammy and I went to see The Merry Widow starring Renée Fleming and Kelli O’Hara. The production had everything going for it: beautiful costumes, lush scenery, amazing singers. Kelli O’Hara, in her Met debut, particularly impressed me. Although classically trained, she comes from Broadway, but had no trouble adjusting to the acoustics of The Met.

Of course, The Met itself proves quite the attraction. The sputnik chandeliers in the lobby inspire awe every time I see them.

photo 4

photo 5

In early March, my college friend Jennifer and I went to see Carmen, another incredible production. The singing was absolutely phenomenal, stronger than that of The Merry Widow. At the reception prior to the performance, we met members of The Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, who were so welcoming. I haven’t had the chance to talk about opera with professionals in such a long time, and I was so excited to do so. In the above photo, we posed with Jessica Phillips, who plays clarinet in the orchestra.

photo 4 photo 5 photo 1

And how can I talk about my New York winter without snow? Juno brought my first official snow day. With work cancelled, I spent the morning walking down Fifth Avenue (as I do every weekday) to take in the beautiful and blanketed Central Park. These photos come from that stroll. Although the novelty of the snow has long worn off, seeing the snow cling to the limbs of trees still fills me with a peculiar feeling of glee. By next October, I’ll eagerly anticipate the first snowfall (but no more this season, please!).

photo 1 photo 4 photo 5

Finally, March 9 marked my 24th birthday. Since my birthday was on a Monday this year, I celebrated Friday night with Michael and Mary, affectionately referred to as my “Kindergarten Crew.” We went to Porchlight, Danny Meyer’s new bar in Chelsea, on its first weekend open. We had a great time there; the staff was kind and accommodating. Our waitress even brought over cookies when she heard we were celebrating a birthday. It was a wonderful (early) start to 24. The gorgeous tulips and Bouchon Bakery macarons came from my bosses on Monday for a lovely work celebration.

Hoping to post later this month with a list of books I’ve read and loved so far this year. Out of curiosity, has anyone read any of the book recommended in my last post?

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