Described as bossy, classy, and quirky along with a Type A+ personality, Adventures in Crazytown was created as a place to post book reviews, personal essays, creative writing, family stories, and tales of my goings-on as I traveled around the world. From Fall 2011 to Fall 2012, I lived in five cities: Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Paris, New York and Palo Alto. My adventures in those cities are chronicled in the archives.

In August 2013, I moved to New York to work in publishing.

A note on the title: “crazytown” is a term endearingly applied by a friend to describe moments at which I succumb to my overwhelming number of quirks. Some of these include throwing parties in honor of dead writers’ birthdays, making more lists than hours in a day, applying post-its to every surface, and driving hours away for a particularly decadent croissant or expansive bookstore.

Things like this tend to occur in crazytown moments

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  1. […] the “About” section of this blog, I endearingly allude to my “overwhelming number of quirks.” One […]

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