The Concerns of Kaitlin Olson

Note: I wrote, but never pressed “publish” on this about a year ago. With the return of The Mindy Project this Tuesday, now seemed like an appropriate time for this post. Now that I work in publishing, I watch a lot of television. That may seem like an oxymoron to most of you, but I … Continue reading

My Friend, J.K.

I talk a lot about books. I’ve read widely, written about the books that changed my life. Each July 31, though, I return to the most important series of my life, the books that started it all: Harry Potter. I grew up in the era of Harry Potter. I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s … Continue reading

New York Chic

Last night I read Jennifer L. Scott’s delightful Lessons from Madame Chic, a lifestyle book inspired by her study abroad program in Paris under the tutelage of Madame Chic, her host mother. Jennifer’s experience in Paris is strikingly similar to mine. In fact, if one were to change a few details (children, arrondisement, country retreat), … Continue reading

Jewels by JAR Exhibit

Today I went to see the Jewels by JAR exhibit at The Met, which opened in late November. JAR stands for Joel A. Rosenthal, a jeweler who has worked in Paris for the last 40+ years. The exhibit at The Met represents his first retrospective in the United States. I’ve always loved jewelry, a trait … Continue reading

Reading List

Even though I read for work all day, I am trying to read recreationally, particularly on the weekends. These are the books I’m looking forward to trying this month: 1. The Spellman Files- Lisa Lutz 2. Bellman & Black- Diane Setterfield 3. Attachments- Rainbow Rowell

Let It Snow

Today marked the first snowfall in New York. At 35 degrees, the temperature proved too warm for the snow to stick, but for a few hours this morning, I got to gaze out the window at teardrop- and bottlecap-sized flakes fluttering to the ground. It was snowing when I awoke just before seven this morning; … Continue reading

New Beginnings

As some of you know, I recently moved to New York to intern at a literary agency and publishing company. Now that I’ve graduated from college and am once again exploring new cities, I thought I’d try to post again on my blog. At the moment, I’m commuting to work from Princeton, so I have … Continue reading

A New Project

Hello all! I have a new project! I will be serializing the novel I wrote between 2008-2011, To Mean Something to Someone, on a new blog, The Lettuce Novel, which was the book’s working title. New posts will come every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday beginning March 1. Until then, I have lots of behind … Continue reading

Recent Performances

Hi everyone! I will be back with semi-regular posts hopefully soon. In the meantime, I had a singing performance at Stanford earlier this month and wanted to share a few videos I uploaded to YouTube. The concert was musical theater, which I hadn’t performed in years. The first video is “I Won’t Mind” from an … Continue reading


I spent my 21st birthday on a field trip to Rouen– an hour and a half from Paris by train–with my art history class. I will at some point do a proper post on Rouen, but here are a couple shots from my birthday. Monet’s atelier in Rouen, just across from the cathedral. Blackcurrant kir … Continue reading