Snapshot #1: Paris

Location: Musée d’Orsay Sex: Female Approximate Age: 18 While wandering about the Impressionist galleries at Musée d’Orsay, I spotted a Parisian renegade. Most of us equate Paris with style. The Parisian color palette largely consists of neutrals: beige, gray, navy and, most of all, black. This girl, who I guess was 18, but may have … Continue reading

Snapshot: Washington, D.C. #2

Pajama Party Location: Connecticut Ave., Woodley Park Sex: Females Approximate Age: 20 These two girls were spotted around 6:30 PM as I made the grueling trek from the house where I live in D.C. and the Woodley Park Metro station (approximately 100 feet). To preface, Connecticut Ave. is a busy DC thoroughfare with lots of … Continue reading

Snapshot: Washington, D.C. #1

Fencers Flee Florida   Location:ShakeShack between DuPont Circle and Farragut Square Sex: Female Approximate Age: 20 Standing in line at ShakeShack with friends, I noticed a girl ordering ahead of us. I wouldn’t  have noticed her, except that her outfit shrieked for attention. She wore royal blue athletic pants with an intensely orange, vertical stripe … Continue reading

Snapshot: Los Angeles #5

The Lost Boy         Location: Hollywood, La Brea and 3rd Street Intersection Sex: Male Approximate age: 50 While driving down La Brea with my mom, this man on a motorcycle immediately grabbed my attention. It was less about his riding a motorcycle and more about the decorations populating his motorcycle. The bumper … Continue reading

Snapshot: Los Angeles #4

The Cheetah Girl Location: Starbucks, Mid-Wilshire Sex: Female Approximate age: 16 While typing up my snapshot of the Fair Isle man, I came across this delightful look. A teenage girl, with slightly wavy blonde hair walked up to the counter in matching jacket and pants tracksuit. Most people wearing solid-color Juicy tracksuits don’t often sport … Continue reading

Snapshot: Los Angeles #3

The Fair Isle of Los Angeles Location: Starbucks, Mid-Wilshire Sex: Male Approximate age: 30 An employee of NBC Universal (he was fiddling with his badge), this man stopped at Starbucks for a quick coffee break with his co-workers. While out, he sported a very skinny pair of jeans, cuffed at the ankle, and a pale … Continue reading

Snapshot: Los Angeles #2

Green Bay to Marina Del Rey Location: Burbank coffee shop Sex: Female Approximate age: 40 Judging from her worn tote bag, a screenwriter with limp blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. Apparel: light pink baseball cap; olive green, graphic t-shirt over a long-sleeved pink shirt in 99 degree weather; heavy, light blue, ripped, Mom … Continue reading

Snapshot: Los Angeles #1

Oh, Canada! Location: Highland Ave. near Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, Los Angeles Sex: Female Approximate age: 50 Spotted in Hollywood: Middle-aged woman with bleached blonde, closely cropped hair, sporting rhinestone-tastic, bedazzled, black headband and sunglasses. Apparel: Black t-shirt and tight, capri-style, black adidas athletic pants with the word “Canada” plastered across her ample backside. The look … Continue reading