On Reading Joan Didion in Paris

On a Spring day that felt like Winter, I climbed the stairs to the second floor of Shakespeare and Company, the legendary Left Bank bookstore. It was the kind of day we call “smoggy” in Los Angeles, if only because smoggy days come more frequently than overcast ones. I passed under the doorframe, glancing up … Continue reading

Jewels by JAR Exhibit

Today I went to see the Jewels by JAR exhibit at The Met, which opened in late November. JAR stands for Joel A. Rosenthal, a jeweler who has worked in Paris for the last 40+ years. The exhibit at The Met represents his first retrospective in the United States. I’ve always loved jewelry, a trait … Continue reading

New York

For those of you who don’t know (which is probably many, considering I did a terrible job telling people), I moved to New York last Saturday. One need not panic though; I’ll only be here another six to seven weeks. My most recent relocation brings the number of cities I’ve lived in this year up … Continue reading

What I Learned in France

Today, I leave Paris. In fact, right now, at 11:30 AM, my plane is scheduled to take off. No, I am not posting from the airplane, well after flight attendants have asked that all electronics be turned off, carry ons stowed, and seats in the upright position. I anticipated this post being so difficult to … Continue reading


I apologize for the (even) late(r) Venice wrap-up. My Internet in Paris has been very unhappy with me of late. My first stop in Venice was the legendary Harry’s Bar, where I ordered a Bellini. It was worth it. My first full day in Venice, I stayed largely in the area of San Marco, not … Continue reading

Twenty-Four Hours in Milan

I am a terrible blogger and the first to admit it. As of today, I have fewer than two weeks left in Paris and am in a mad rush to finish everything and say goodbye. All this– along with the incredible amounts of work I have late in the quarter– has kept me from blogging about … Continue reading

The Coffee Table: Part VI

I know, I owe a recap of my Italy trip, but since I don’t currently have the time or energy to recount everything, I’ll take the shortcut and describe the coffee I had instead. Café creme and croissant, Les Deux Magot, Paris. Also featured are my planner and the book I’m using for research for … Continue reading

Sogno d’Italia

I’m off to Milan and Venice in the morning on what is likely my last international travel of my European adventure. I haven’t been to Italy since 2006 and have never been to either city. Here’s what I’m looking forward to. 1. Gelato 2. Risotto 3. Espresso 4. Museums 4. Linguine con vongole 5. La … Continue reading


Several weeks ago, I joked about my trip to middle-of-nowhere France, which was fairly accurate description. What I didn’t know was how much fun I’d have in middle-of-nowhere France, also known as Auvergne. Located in central France, Auvergne is famous for its cheese, volcanoes, and a rather dégoutant alcoholic beverage called verveine. We stayed in … Continue reading

Dordogne and Provence Trip

Before I head to middle-of-nowhere France on Friday, I’ve decided to catch up on my last trip to the Dordogne and Provence regions, which my parents and I visited in early April. My dad, travel planner extraordinaire, drove us all around the two regions. Below are photos, organized by towns visited. Montbazillac: Wine tasting. Chateau … Continue reading