Publishing- Part III: The Book Deal

This is the third part in an ongoing series that illuminates the publishing process. Click for Part I and Part II.  You’ve cracked the slush pile, mastered the phone call, and accepted an offer of representation from an agent. Now what? The good news is that you now have a partner, a professional to help … Continue reading

Publishing- Part II: The Agent

So you’ve finished your manuscript. Great! You have revised the structure, plot, and characters and polished your prose, eliminating those pesky double prepositions and excessive adverbs. You may have cut close to 20,000 words. Word count varies wildly and, in the grand scheme, is not all that important. Middle-grade fiction usually ranges from 40,000-60,000. Most … Continue reading

Publishing-Part I: The Manuscript

Today is November 1, known to some as the first day of NaNoWriMo, making today a fitting day to begin this series. At the request of several friends, I’m going to be doing a series on writing and publishing. I get at least one message a week from a friend or acquaintance with questions about … Continue reading