Churros con Chocolate

On Sunday night, I went to get churros con chocolate with my friend Yuliya. We had discussed getting hot chocolate or coffee since we were meeting on the early side for dinner. So I searched “best hot chocolate nyc.” I scrolled through a few articles, but not many places caught my attention. Finally, I found a small eatery called Le Churro only fifteen blocks from my apartment. We decided to meet there.

Le Churro serves only sweets and churros. They have all sorts of varieties (filled, regular, with or without a number of dipping sauces). I went for the standard churros with chocolate dipping sauce and a hot chocolate, which was decadent. The interior was tiny, but cozy. There weren’t too many people there on a Sunday night, so we didn’t feel pressured to hurry away.


There was a cute mural behind us while we ate. I’d highly recommend Le Churro if you’re on the Upper East Side (or if you just have a craving for churros con chocolate with hot chocolate).

Before Le Churro, I took a quick walk to Central Park, since I hadn’t seen it covered in snow.




It was beautiful, but I think I’ve written enough about the snow.

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