A Balanced Parisian Diet

Paris has an endless array of boulangeries, patisseries, restaurants, and cafes. Many are easily recognized by name: Les Deux Magots, Ladurée, Cafe de Flore. In my quest to try all the places I’ve heard of and never been, my eating habits have changed rather drastically.

Recipe for the perfect Parisian diet:

1. 4 Ladurée macarons: chocolat, café, caramel avec fleur de sel, rose. They are as heavenly as rumored.

2. 1 Pierre Hermé croissant. Named “best croissant” by Le Figaro, I was not disappointed. San Francisco’s Tartine bakery may lose its standing as my favorite place to buy a croissant– and not just because Pierre Hermé is less expensive.

3. 3 cappuccinos: best sipped at the nearest café. Although I’ve tried to be impartial, Les Deux Magots had the best so far.

4. 1 baguette. The last time I was in France, I ate a baguette every single day. Moderation is key.

5. 3 types of fromage: camembert, brie, and beaufort. Best eaten with a slice of baguette at every meal. I’ve found that the best cheese-baguette ratio is 2:1.

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